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Bush & Grange have created a partnership with members of Grange & District Residents Association and Bush Old Schoolhouse Committee as part of the Integrating Communities Programme, funded by the International Fund for Ireland.


Information about the Programme

Bush & Grange partnership application

Our Aims and Objectives


Benefit of Projects

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Information about the Programme

Integrating Community Organisations is a programme of support managed by the Northern Ireland Rural Development Council (RDC) and funded by the International Fund for Ireland. It is designed to facilitate community organisations that wish to co operate on a cross border and/or cross community basis to work on issues of common interest.

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Bush & Grange Partnership application

The Bush and Grange area is ideal for this type of project, both historically and physically, as it houses an active Catholic Church an active Protestant Church, graveyards for both communities, schools and sheltered housing for the elderly which is accessible on a              Cross-Community basis.

Community Engagement



"If you want one year of prosperity

grow seeds

If you want ten years of prosperity

grow trees

If you want a hundred years of prosperity

grow people"

                                                 *Chinese Proverb 

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Our Aims & Objectives

  • To foster and develop relationships within our two communities.
  • To listen and to be open to the points of view of others
  • To engender a cross community spirit among our young people.
  • To respect and value the contribution from the older generation to preserve our heritage and shared history.
  • To encourage the exploration of local historical information and materials.
  • To be aware of and to develop greater understanding of diversity

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  • Local History project which will involve the collection of materials and production of a booklet. The Bush & Grange Partnership will liaise with local people and enlist their help with photographs, paper cuttings, old film, artefacts, storytelling and audio recordings. Schoolchildren will be encouraged to research certain historical topics for the project and they will be asked to interview their grandparents and record their findings.
  • A public Exhibition will be organised following the completion of the booklet and the scanning and restoration of all old photographs. Materials will be laminated for preservation for future generations.
  • The development of this website to share the above information with both local and the wider audience and to encourage input and feedback.
  • A Social Event will be organised to launch the project. This event will be advertised through Church Newsletters, local Radio and local Press. It will have a Cross-Community dimension and will also involve members of the Ethnic Minorities who live in the Bush and Grange area.
  • An Historian will be engaged to research the story of a local shipwreck during which foreign sailors perished and are believed to be buried in Bush Cemetery. We plan to erect a memorial plinth in memory of the lost sailors.
  • An Ecumenical Service at St Andrew's Church of Ireland will be organised followed by the blessing of the plinth in memory of the lost sailors.

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Benefit of Projects

  • Integration of both groups to ensure that we are working for the good of everyone in the community.
  • The nature of the projects will arouse mutual interest and encourage dialogue and interaction.
  • The projects are interlinked and will appeal to the wider community and will draw from all age groups.
  • The projects will build positive relationships between our communities which can last for many generations to come. Through these projects there will be a better flow of information between the two communities and both groups will be more aware of our shared history and will be motivated to continue to carry out further research.

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Members of Bush & Grange Partnership.

Mrs Anne O'Connor  (Chairperson)
Mr Alan  Bothwell   (Secretary )
Mrs Bridie Marks
Mr Edward Armstrong
Mr Hugh Rafferty
Mr Bill Elvin
Mr Seamus Savage
Mrs Muriel Grills
Mr Paul O'Hanlon
Mr Rodney McDowell

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