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Europe Day

Grange & District held a Europe Day on Sunday 7th June 2009.

Pupils from Monksland National School researched each country in the European Union and produced projects of a very high standard.  Personnel from the Department of Foreign Affairs were so impressed by the projects that they requested the material be displayed in the European Office in Dawson Street, Dublin.  The work was commended by all who viewed the exhibition and the Principal, Staff and Pupils of Monksland School were congratulated by the Department of Foreign Affairs.
Here is an example of some of the pupils' work.

The aim of the project was to promote awareness for Europe.

Information on the history, traditions, customs and geographical location of each country was on display.

This work was carried out by the pupils of Monksland National School.

This enjoyable event was a great success in bringing together our diverse community. 


The following contains some images of our multilingual invitation posters for our Annual Europe day back in 2008.  

Poster in English Language


Poster in Irish Language

Poster in Lithuanian Language

This invitation was translated by a local Lithuanian resident.

Poster in English Language


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