Bush & Grange Partnership

Project 2011


New funding for community groups to undertake project

Grange and District Residents Association and the Bush Old School House Committee have been awarded grant aid by the International Fund for Ireland to undertake a joint peace building project.

The two groups have been working in partnership with each other for over two years and through the Integrating Communities 'Support Phase' programme, both groups undertook a range of capacity building and networking activities to strengthen their partnership and build positive relations between their two communities.

This work culminated in the delivery of a small project which was jointly delivered within the two communities in late 2009.

Following on from the success of their initial small project, the groups made a further application to the International Fund of Ireland under the Integrating Communities ' Project phase' programme seeking assistance to deliver a larger scale project which would build on the work that has been achieved to date.

This new project will see residents from both areas come together to deliver a range of shared history activities and to explore each community's heritage and traditions.


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